Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, Peoples Artist, Honored Art worker of the Republic of Tatarstan and RF. Member of the Union of Artists of RF, a participant of the World War II (1941-1945), holder of three combat order awards and over fifteen medals.
         Born June 24, 1924 in Mariupol, in the family of army officer. Graduated with honor from Kazan Art college in 1951. In 1955 his picture Altay. New soil is ploughed was first exposed to public at the All-Russia Exhibition in Moscow. In 1958 his picture At the maneuvres participated at the All-Union Exhibition. In 1963 his linoprint The routes was exhibited abroad, in the Republic of Korea. V. Popov is an artist mastering not only painting, water colors, graphic arts the latest 15 years of his creative life feature a great concern for Oriental calligraphy, namely, shamail, tugra and calligraphic compositions.
        For 50 years Vladimir Popov contributed a lot in the development of the national Tatar and Russian art, being a permanent participant of the All-Union, All-Russia and overseas exhibitions. More than 90 paintings and pieces of graphic arts are now being owned by various museums and private persons all over the world.
        Since mid-90ties the Popovs creative works have been featuring more diversity, expressiveness and monumentality. Most significant series of his creative works are Masterpieces of the Russian Christian architecture, Muslem sacred objects in Tatarstan and Orient. For the last 15 years the artist created over 500 pieces of tugra and shamail - the most emotive genres of Oriental calligraphy. Here, the artist is stick to the centuries-long traditions of the outstanding art of Arabic script, targeting a fusion of the Western and Eastern arts, their modern types and achievements. The created images are unique: being monumantal and epic by the form, they are laconic but striking and deep at the same time, forming a vital link between the cultural traditions of the past and the present.
        The V. Popovs personal exhibitions, showing shamails and tugras have always been arousing a great interest of the public and experts. Orientalists, Islam researchers acknowledge Vladimir Popov an outstanding talented artist calligrapher-hattat, his script being a real phenomenon in the art of Tatarstan and Russia, and a great contribution in the development of traditions of modern Oriental spiritual culture and heritage, working to bring the peoples of Russia and Orient closer together.
        Vladimir Popov is the first ethnic Russian artist in Tatarstan, developing genres of modern muslem fine arts and its calligraphic aesthetics. Due to him Tatar national art got international fame. Thus, in December 2000 twenty-five works by Popov were successfully exhibited in the VIII World Kuran Calligraphy the prestigious show, held in Tegeran, among the most honorable calligraphers . The artist was the only one from Tatarstan and Russia, who got a kind invitation of the government of Iran, and did his best there. As the organizers announced later, the Russian exposition was the 2nd most popular with the public, mass media, clergy men and the President of Iran. The Popovs popularity is also proved by his numerous addresses to the Iran people in the air, broadcasted for the countries of Orient, by the programs of the Radio of Russia about his creative activity.
        More than 15 personal exhibitions of Popovs calligraphy were held during the last 15 years, seven of which in Moscow, the others in Kazan and some other cities. Personal exhibition of the Popovs works in the State Museum of Orient was a great success; and his exposition in the Spiritual Muslem Administration for the Europen Russia in Moscow lasted for about 6 months.
        Vlladimir Popovs art is unique, and there is no precedent for it.

        Peoples Artist of the USSR
        Academician of the Art Academy of the Russian Federation Haris Yakupov

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